Man I am grinding - 3/27/2024

I have been grinding so hard to get all of these projects done. I have been working on a sequel to retra's challenge (the world I made for mario royale) and also working on the Retra and Polly Q&A 2 which is going to be fun! But all this has been taking so much time but I know it will be worth it as long as I make it perfect. Either way its going to be good! >w<

So twitter - 7/1/2023

So twitter has kind of gone downhill. So I’m probably going to use this as my new main social media I guess along with tumblr. I updated the art page with all the art from the past month so everything should be up to date lol. See you in the next post! :3

Birthday + Mario Movie! - 4/5/2023

Today is my birthday! I had a great day though for somereason someone decided to wake me up with there car which is always so fun. Saw the Super Mario Bros Movie today and it was amazing! Probably going to make a review for it in the Other Stuff page but for now thats all. Take care until the next post!

First Post! - 4/2/2023

First time msaking a blog post so hoping this goes well! I am excited to go to see the Mario Movie coming Up sp I am probably going to write about that after I see it. Also my birthday is coming up on that same day! I hope this is going to be a great birthday coming up!

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